About the association

Association kontrast. was founded with the aim of encouraging and developing culture and art with a special focus on sustainable development and ecology. Raising ecological awareness of the general population by means of activities and educational programs on nature protection and the environment are just some of the tasks that the association conducts. The programs seek to preserve natural and cultural landscapes as well as intangible heritage through various interdisciplinary cultural-artistic practices.

Connecting on both local and global level through festivals and other programs, we strive to promote the values of the local population in a particular area, including also other participants – through the mediation of culture and art. kontrast. is composed of several members from Split, Šibenik and the island of Lastovo, most of which are intensively engaged in activities and projects in the civil sector, academic community, art, culture and so on.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pret.a.danse/