Lastovo, Lastobon, Ladesta, Augusta Insula of all Islands for vacationing, Imperial Island. The harmony of nature and cultural and historical heritage with 46 fields, islets and churches. It has been defined as a vacation spot due to its geographic position in the middle of the Adriatic. In the center of the maritime routes but also at reasonable distance from the mainland, it gives security to every traveler. The main reason for the availability of all that value is salt, silk, gold or new spices and plants. Seafarers have joined the cultures of the east and west, Lastovo’s coves were their place for rest and safety in times of bad weather. Natural resources of water sources and fertile fields, rich in fish stocks, along with dangerous underwater cliffs and onshore highlands, a natural fortress on the sea. Rulers known as a safe vacation corner for permanent warfare and a place where peace can make important decisions for their people. And let’s not forget the place where the unhindered and in peace can enjoy all the comforts and pleasures of the island. These thoughts were led by the kings of Illyrians, and the most famous was the queen Teuta, who in gratitude to the island gave her the cult of the snake and the magical power she possessed.

Magical powers are plagued by nature – the poisonous snakes are unable to survive on the island. The Greek warriors, like Zeus himself, have found the place for their love adventures as well as for the escape of the wrath of the wife Here. Odyssey has captured sirens with her beauty and song on Zaglav, with the blessings of our fertile fields. The first Roman emperor August built a “villa rustica” at the present site of the Uble Harbor with the source of eternal youth, a country house for enjoyment and relaxation along with the well-known rock and rocks. In the places of Old Slavic Deity, a new religion-Christianity arises, and their symbiosis is found in every corner of the island. Thousands of years old Lastovo was founded, primarily for security reasons. As an amphitheater, each house has a view of the fertile field of Lokavje, a source of water and a combination of the Lower and Upper Worlds with Old Slavic worship.

Written by: Meri Glumac, Mezzomondo travel agency